I’ve always been incorrigibly curious, always moving from one subject to another, and with a passion for learning.

At first, I felt almost ashamed. How come I can’t seem to focus on one thing, like most people do?

Luckily enough, one day I came across the possible origin of all those troubles. Apparently, it was called “Polymathy”. A somewhat strange virus.

What is that? What is a polymath? And most of all: Is it serious?

Well it turns out it’s not. A polymath is someone interested in many fields of knowledge, who reads quite a lot, almost about everything, connecting areas and interests, and, specially, with a strong drive to learn, in order to understand life and the world.

For some time now, I belong to a community called Polymatas, an extraordinary project created by Val Muñoz de Bustillo. If you identify with any of this, do take a look. You’ll surely like it.